Relocating Skill in an Information age-

an African experience

This MKIRU Seminar, presented on 04 October 2001, explained the purpose of a two week workshop conducted in Ghana during August and September 2001. The Odyssey Group of organisation theorists, drawn from a number of U.K. and European Universities, worked with a set of Ghanaian partners from the University and NGO sectors. The Centre for Social Policy Studies (CSPS) at the University of Ghana - Legon were the hosts.

The PowerPoint presentation from the seminar is available in pdf format here (272Kb)

The Odyssey Group maintains a web site at

Members of the group participated in person, and virtually, by contributing to a web-site which was developed during the workshop.

The results of the two week workshop can be seen at

This centre is partly sponsored by UNICEF and aims to create greater awareness on social welfare policy issues in Ghana, to promote participatory development of policies and social service programmes of action and to focus interdisciplinary projects that emerge from its own programmes as well as those of cognate departments, agencies, organisations and institutes.

The aim of the workshop was to share skills and to establish a sustainable web presence for the local partners. Working with local tools and in local conditions of slow access and uncertain utilities, a number of sites were established, and important research material from CSPS was made accessible via free web sites.

Sustainability is achieved by creating simple HTML pages with links and JPEG images composed using the on-line text editors provided by services such as Geocities. The sites created can be accessed and maintained from any of the numerous Internet cafes which are available in the suburbs of Accra. These techniques are described on the Odyssey site . Further examples of the "virtual journey" form developed by the Odyssey Group are available here.

An alternative approach, using the latest satellite-based technology has been pursued by the Greenstar project in Patriensah, near Kumasi.

The more local application of the same technologies and techniques can be seen in the work of North East Action on Transport at in conducting the real-time monitoring of public service delivery - transport - around Newcastle.

An associated site, maintained by the Moor Park community has also been established in a collaboration between the Moor Park Community Centre and the Odyssey Group at

Instructions on on how to set up a Geocities web site are available at

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