Virtual Journeys:
a new form of electronic synchronisation

The virtual journey is a form of electronic synchronisation developed over a series of workshops by researchers from a range of British and European universities. The Odyssey group workshops involve physical and virtual participants. An individual may be present at a particular event via either or both modes. The Virtual Journey is a means of accessing aspects of the Odyssey Group workshops without co-presence. The use of web technology to capture key aspects of an environment or a pathway through an environment allows virtual participation in workshops and discussion.

Such a journey consists of a web page (or small set of pages) containing images gathered during the journey and links to relevant web-sites discovered either on route or subsequently.

US-Canadian border Canadian side Cambridgeshire waterway Len Holmes, Anne Marie Greene

Journeys may be constructed in real time, during the workshop, to communicate immediate experience across the virtual group. They may be re-constructed subsequently, as a means of archiving social practice and experience. They may be constructed as a reflection on experience triggered by events and discussions during the meeting.

The third Odyssey meeting was held in conjunction with the APROS 2000 meeting in Sydney, Australia. A journey in the form of a transport oriented web site was established during the meeting as a means of framing Australian experience through connection and comparison with a relevant earlier exploration in an African context

The following Virtual Journeys, authored or co-authored by Stephen Little, illustrate a collective learning process which has uncovered a range of possibilities:

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